Marketing Communications

One of our greatest strengths is molding a cohesive message. Many of our new clients create business models that focus in too many directions. This can lead to an over- extension of resources and limited attention to details. We leverage your business offering to create a unified communication approach with operational and marketing efficiency. With symmetry, we help you deliver a magnetic marketing offering. Our consistent and cohesive marketing communication services reinforces your messages to increase interest and results.

Benefits of our Marketing Communication Services

Brand cohesion
• Marketing focus
• Professional copy writing and editing
• Organization of information to deliver a clear and effective message
• Optimized web content to increase traffic through SEO/SEM, social media, and backlinks
• Audience targeting to ensure you are connecting to the right people
• Content curation and network marketing to foster synergy
• Intimate and transparent communication to allow others to trust and connect to your brand

We firmly believe in content marketing


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.Content Marketing Institute
Content marketing is not about selling. It is sharing information to make your clients more intelligent and to build your credibility. Delivering consistent, valuable information is rewarded with business and loyalty. Just like branding, content market is a part of every marketing process.

We coach our clients so they can make informed decisions.

Examples of Marketing Communication Goals:

• Build brand awareness
• Create customer loyalty
• Launch a new product or service
• Build your audience
• Demonstrating your benefits

Examples of Content Marketing:

• Blogs
• White Paper
Social media updates
• Video
• Print and digital publications

Benefits of Content Marketing:

• Builds credibility
• Enhances social media marketing
• Improves website SEO
• Great public relation tool
• Improves performance of advertising

Defining Your Audience & Goals

target audienceIt is extremely important to know who you audience is. Many businesses feel their products or services are applicable to everyone. That makes things pretty general and very few will connect with the message. The best question to answer is what type of person you can help/benefit most? Gender, age, geographic locations are further ways to drill down to who your audience is. By defining your audience, you will know how to talk to them, what topics are of interest to them, and how to reach them.

Setting goals is one of the first exercises we embark on with clients. If you don’t have goals, how will you be able to measure results? What is it that you want to achieve? This is more than the tactical information, this is the primary reason why you are marketing. All communications need a point of focus. Do you have one?

We get calls often from people who say, “I want a website.” We respond, “What are you hoping to achieve with a website?” It is surprising how many prospects don’t have the answer. They were told they need one, but what is the goal? At Mystical Marketing we work with clients to get clear vision of what they want, then we show them how to get there.

Creating & Curating Content

content-curationSome people like to write, while others do not. We work with both.

For those who like to write, Mystical Marketing offers points of inspiration. By understanding your goals and your value, we can provide topics or themes to create original content. We then providing editing – not just grammatical and spelling errors, we ensure that there is cohesion to the brand, a clear call to action, and keywords for search engine optimization.

For those who don’t like to write, Mystical Marketing offers professional copy writing. Since we are experienced with conscious and spiritual businesses, we understand keywords and what audiences are looking for in a product, service or event. All we simply need are rough notes or an interview session. It is important that we tailor to your voice, so that your business stands out from the crowd.

Then there is curating of content. It is difficult to continually develop new and valuable content. We leverage high-quality content that fills in the gap of original content. This is primarily used for social media. We curate content to reinforce or enhance your message. This can be quotes, white papers, blog or any other resource available. When we curate content, we keep to your brand story and use relevant pieces to solidify or reinforce your message.

Call to Action

Calls-to-ActionCreating a call to action is essential to getting a response. People need encouragement, and a call to action is just that. As we mentioned earlier, our content marketing is driven by informing the customer. But what should they do with that information? There are a variety of call to action statements, and most of them just explain what the next steps are. We do not encourage high pressure call to actions, like pop-ups, nor do we endorse the funnel marketing strategy because it’s solely focused on sales.  Our call to action strategies are based on building relationships and guiding visitors through the process.

Improve Your Marketing Communications Today

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