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Choosing a WordPress Theme

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A WordPress theme is the template for your website. Once installed, it allows you to customize your website using the featured offered by that theme. I recommend buying a theme rather than using the free ones available on WordPress. It is a small investment for what you get.

There are over 20,000 themes available on Themeforest. I recommend you filter the themes to search “responsive WordPress blog ecommerce”. At the time I did the search, there were 255 templates.

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A responsive theme is one that adapts to various devices such as a phone, tablet or desktop. A responsive theme will give you higher ranking by the search engines and will make the user experience easier.
Now, even if you aren’t considering a blog or ecommerce at this point, having the option available will save you money in the future. Growth will happen, so be prepared for it!
Once you have your filtered search you can sort by ratings or highest sellers. When you click on a theme, the list of top feature will display. Some of this may not make sense to you, so I suggest you click on the Live Preview. The live preview will show you variations of how you can design your website using this theme. The menu typically shows various page types and the standard templates that are installed with the theme.

Choosing a WordPress theme may seem overwhelming, but view the various options then ask yourself, “Does this theme fit the look of my business?” Everything on the theme is customizable. But customization can take time or money. Look for ones with the most options and flexibility.

For those who like drag and drop features, look for themes that include one such as Visual Composer, Fusion Builder, Muffin Builder 3, Cornerstone, etc.

My favorite multi-purpose themes:

My favorite e-commerce theme:

If you are still unsure about what theme to choose, contact us for help.