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Choosing Fonts For Your Website

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Many themes will have google fonts installed or you can download the plugin.
Choosing fonts for your website using Google Fonts is easy. You can add a sentence or phrase in the Preview Text to see how your text will look. You can even click on the preview box and it will display the font in the various weights. If they all look the same to you then just pick the more popular ones to stay safe.

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fonts-categoriesWhen choosing text (body) fonts for your website, keep it clean and simple. Make sure that your font is easy to read. I recommend a Sans Serif font for a modern look. There are filtering options for you to choose from.

A San Serif is a category of typeface that do not use serifs, the small lines at the ends of characters.


The H1 to H6 are used to define HTML headings. H1 defined the most important headings.
For heading tags font (H1-H6) you can have a little more fun. It is important to use heading tags because Google looks favorable to that text. It increases your relevancy when Google indexes your site.  If you are going to use a script, make sure it is easy to read. I recommend staying away from handwriting.

Pairing the heading tag font with your body fonts is important. How to they look together? I recommend some level of contrast but that they convey the essence of the website. Try not to use too many fonts, as that will slow down the speed of the site.


Try not to change your font while you are in the design process. If you, or someone else is designing your website, changes to the font may change alignment, as there are different width to each font. So even though it is easy to change font, you would have to review the pages built to make sure your elements are aligned properly.

For more information about the style of fonts, read this article from Smashing Magazine.

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