McLean Meditation Institute

Sarah McLean, founder and director of the McLean Meditation Institute (MMI) in Sedona, Arizona, met Virginia Mizuno at an MMI meditation class. Shortly after, Sarah and Virginia began working together to develop a marketing strategy. In the last two years, Mystical Marketing has consulted Sarah on web development, content marketing, social media, advertising, video production, graphic design, SEO, and much more. We current manage all of MMI’s social media event promotion, digital and print advertising, and graphic design. Virginia provides a marketing overview presentation to the graduates of the Meditation Teacher Academy (MTA).

Dennis Harness, PhD. met Virginia through mutual friends. When Dennis attended a presentation given by Virginia for NAWBO, he knew where he knew he wanted to work with Mystical Marketing. Since March of 2015, Mystical Marketing has developed the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference website, set-up e-commerce using PayPal, did graphic design for all print collateral and advertising, and created the branding guidelines. Mystical Marketing continues to work with SVAC on marketing promotions to increase registrations, social media, graphic design and newsletters.  

Illuminate Film Festival

Danette Wolpert, founder of Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona, was referred to Mystical Marketing. After the initial meeting, Danette asked Virginia to come on board to consult for the festival’s second year. During the 2015 marketing period, Mystical Marketing provided guidance and insight to marketing campaigns for social media and program development.

ZIM Meditation

Arnold Raizon, founder of ZIM Meditation in Washington DC, enlisted the services of Mystical Marketing to create the marketing and branding for his newly formed company. ZIM Meditation selected the start-up package, where Mystical Marketing will design a branding style guide, logo, business cards, rack card, social media business pages, copy writing, SEO and website. This collaboration have sparked new opportunities and areas of focus, highlighting the unique value that ZIM Meditation offers.

Pathfinder Meditation

Martha Picinich, founder of Pathfinder Meditation in Seattle, Washington, was impressed with Virginia’s presentation at the MTA intensive that she knew she wanted to work with Mystical Marketing. Since May 2015, we have developed the Pathfinder Meditation website, assisted in the selection of photography, edited copy for the website and print, produced custom graphic design images for videos and social media, and did graphic design of their brochure and business cards. Mystical Marketing continues to work with Pathfinder Meditation on video conversion and overall marketing strategy.

Mindful Meditation

Manela Atuna, founder of Mindfulness Meditation in Las Vegas, Nevada, reached out to Mystical Marketing to help develop the marketing materials for the newly formed meditation company. We have designed the logo and business cards for Mindfulness Meditation and are working on web copy to develop the website.

Phoenix Yoga and Meditation

We are working with Dr. Pauline Lucas, founder of Phoenix Meditation and Yoga, to develop a new website scheduled for launch in 2015.


Joy Nanda

Joy Nanda, a talented practitioner of craniosacral therapy, and yoga and meditation instructor, met Virginia when they both presented at the MTA intensive. They continued to run in together at various social functions and networking events. In July 2015, Joy asked Virginia to work with her on her various marketing efforts. Together, they designed a new logo, ad graphics, social media graphic and the framework for Joy’s new rack card. Joy credits the collaboration with Mystical Marketing to giving her marketing pieces “…a lighter, airier look.”

We worked with Los Angeles based author, Philip Goldberg, to redesign his new website. The goal of this modern website was to showcase Philip as a speaker, showcase his event calendar and tours, and promote his books. In the process, we created greater connectivity to his affiliate programs, such as e-courses and Spirit Matters podcasts.  

Nelson Bricker

Nelson Bricker, a financial coach based in Pennsylvania, was working with Laura Schappert owner of Sedona Virtual Assistant. Nelson tasked Laura with coming up with a marketing strategy to increase sales of his e-book and coaching sessions. Laura, who has worked with Virginia for Illuminate Film Festival, and brought her onboard to do a complete design on Nelson’s website and building his social media business pages.

Celia Barenholtz Photography

This is one of the spiritually conscious businesses that we are proud to serve. More information about this client will occupy this space soon.

Meditation, Yoga and Happiness

Hazel Beach, organizer of Meditation, Yoga & Happiness Retreat in Ashton, Maryland, asked Mystical Marketing to design a website to promote this one day event. We have also produced custom graphic and supported advertising efforts.

Sedona MAGO Retreat

As the Marketing Director of Sedona Mago Retreat (SMR), Virginia worked on all facets of marketing strategy. She developed the brand identity brought movement and interest to graphic designs. SEO, advertising, and program development were among her other accomplishments while at SMR. After leaving to start Mystical Marketing, Virginia continued on as a consultant until they found a permanent replacement.

Tao Fellowship

Virginia assisted Tao Fellowship, parent company to Sedona Mago Retreat, on branding and graphic design. She assisted in the development of new spiritual retreats and online trainings. Virginia also did the marketing and project management for Tao Healing Center in Chandler, Arizona.

BE Anthony

After working with Virginia on Meditation, Yoga & Happiness, Hazel Beach, founding partner of BE.Anthony, contacted Mystical Marketing to build e-commerce to their fashion website. With over 50 products, we not only built customized buttons, but created the inventory control measures.


We have also worked with the following clients:

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· Reiki Sound Healing

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· Woman Arising

· Tao Healing Center

· Temple of the Light

· Sedona Philosophy Experience

· AuthentiCITY

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