DennisI hired the services of Mystical Marketing at a critical time for my business. In every respect, I found Virginia and her team’s work to answer my needs.

First, she’s has an uncanny knack for understanding what customers are looking for. This made her a savvy consultant. Second, her design and development experience help translate a business’ needs into appropriate marketing materials. Linking smart advice with practical brochures, websites, etc., is invaluable. Third, and most importantly, Virginia is genuinely positive and supportive. I felt that Virginia was 100% behind my business’ success. This made her highly trustworthy, a quality I value above all.

If you can reach Mystical Marketing, I would hesitate to call, no matter where your business, big or small, stands. They are reasonable and open to discussion. Personally, I can’t think of a conversation with Virginia Mizuno in which I didn’t learn something.

Dennis Andres, Mr. Sedona (as seen on Google)

Martha-headshotVirginia is incredibly supportive, creative and helpful! She created great synergy with me to develop my brand and marketing strategy. She asks the right questions, challenges me and keeps me moving in the right direction! I couldn’t ask for a better partner!

Martha Picinich, Pathfinder Meditation (as seen on Google)

Arnold-low-resAbsolutely fantastic company to work with.

Arnold Raizon, ZIM Meditation (as seen on Google)


manelaVirginia is a true professional and very supportive. It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her services. She has a full command of how to get your business marketed in the internet/social media era.

Manela Antuna, Meditation Now (as seen on Google)



Virginia has been amazing to work with in promoting the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference in November that I am currently organizing. Her expertise on utilizing social media is brilliant. I would highly recommend her promotional expertise!

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., Psychologist, Astrologer, Writer


Virginia was great to work with. She understood my requirements and talked me through the process; she even suggested things that I hadn’t thought of. Her pricing was very reasonable and she quickly launched a website with registration capabilities. I will definitely be using her services for future projects.

Hazel Beach, Meditation, Yoga & Happiness (as seen on Yelp)

salleeVirginia was a Great help in getting my Website up and running. She had Fresh ideas and you could tell she understood the process and how it all works. I would seek her help again in the future.

Sallee Eckert, Reiki Sound Healing (as seen on Yelp)