Graphic Design

Whether you are creating, updating or continuing your brand design, Mystical Marketing can help. Our experienced and creative graphic design team can help you realize your vision. We provide graphic designs for a cohesive look, impact messaging to build, and enforce brand identity.

Our approach to graphic design is ensuring your visual pieces are consistent to your message, while providing style variations for interest. Appeal to the senses and emotions with our eye-catching and soothing graphic designs. By enhancing your aesthetic, you are letting your existing audience know you are growing. This leads to consumer confidence.

Mystical Marketing collaborates with you to select the best fonts, images and colors. We then create an outline of key messages and clean design layout.

Our Graphic Design Services include:

• Defining brand style guide
graphic-designLogo graphic design
• Custom website design & web graphics
• Infographics & word clouds
Social media covers, events, and memes
• Brochure graphic design
• Business card graphic design
• Stationary design
• Post card graphic design
• Rack card graphic design
• Testimonial card graphic design
• Poster graphic design
• Banner graphic design
If you imagine it, we can design it!

Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

Our Graphic Design Service is one component of executing a successful marketing strategy. When we embark on a new graphic design, we begin by defining goals to have a clear direction of audience and purpose. Next, we determine delivery and distribution methods. With a solid marketing strategy, we minimize costs and maximize results. Moving forward, we ensure cohesion to your look and brand by creating a style guide and templates.

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Logo Design

A logo is by far your most important visual statement. It is used in every communication. It is a visual representation of your business brand and value. Mystical Marketing can help you realize the visual identity for your company logo with our graphic design services. Let us design your logo to elevate your look and create a brand identity.

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Graphic Design for Websites and Social Media

Need to update your Facebook cover graphic? Don’t know what a flavicon is? Have you been using graphics that don’t quite fit when you post them in your social media channels? Why do your graphics look blurry? What a thumbnail? Pixels, vectors, huh? Let Mystical Marketing guide you to these answers.

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Print Materials

When we begin working with a new client, we evaluate the existing print materials to offer an opinion of value. Many times we find there is redundancy. We streamline your print materials with consistent and cohesive communications. This is because we love branding, and this focus is in everything we do. Our philosophy is that each graphic design piece should drive traffic to your website; and hence result in a conversion. This is done with a compelling message and interesting graphic design.


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